Malware and Search Engine Ranking

by admin .

malware1Looking over my fresh new website, I am satisfied, many long hours went into the WordPress site. My analysis indicates that for every hour my site is online I will make X dollars. Search Engine Rankings are great for all my relevant keywords. I have went thru my checklist and everything seems on target. Overall, the time and investment will be worth it because I am on my way to success in a competitive business environment.

Wrong! About three weeks into my business venture my search engine ranking went way down significantly for important keywords. I contacted my SEO expert and we talked about the site and I learned over 75 million people use W-P-and the sites get hacked-it’s common. About 25% of all websites globally use W-P. Therefore it is a target where hackers and malware creators are at work 24 hours a day to destroy these type of websites.

I learned from my expert that it will affect my search engine ranking. When a customer goes to my site they will be informed that the site may contain certain viruses. RED Warning Signs ARE USED! Right-it will scare people away-and YOU Loose Money-Period!

It is not talked about to often, but security vulnerabilities affect the ranking of your site in the search engines. To make things very clear-the rankings go down not up!

So here I am with a significant investment in my new business site, and it is useless. Not only is it not making money, it is driving customers away.

I am lost, I can’t figure everything out, just learning W-P was difficult, not to mention all the other things you have to learn when building a website. I Decided I Need Help!

After going thru all the available services, I was super impressed with the service, WordPress Malware Removal.

This company made things very simple, in less than a day my site was fixed for a nominal price. Instead of losing money for a week, when or if my site gets hacked again-I can get up and running in a few hours. Not only that, the company uses the latest protection tools to prevent and secure my site from malicious attacks.

Security measures are important for my customers and myself. If you need help try their service, it is quick and easy. Sometimes you can’t do it yourself and need a professional that offers years of experience hacked WordPress websites in the ever changing business of malware removal.